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May 1, 2008

Things to do after the semester is over

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The ITP Student Show is May 12, 13 in New York.

Get one of Tom Igoe’s books (Physical Computing, Making Things Talk) and work through some of the projects.


April 25, 2008

“So, what can you do with what you learned?”

Take a look at the products on this blog and count how many you could make now, if you wanted to: talk2myshirt.

April 22, 2008

reading: Malcolm McCullough, Digital Ground

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Malcolm McCullough writes elegantly and eloquently about many things, including the integration of technologies into our everyday world.  The MIT Press web site for his book, Digital Ground includes PDF downloads of the introduction and first chapter.

Class Notes – 18 Apr 2008

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Links for stuff we looked at in class:

Something that we didn’t get to look at, but that I think is interesting, a
custom board shield for experimenting with the Arduino.

April 9, 2008

Touch-screen OLED for Arduino!

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Ok,  it’s ~ US$100, but still…

<a href=””>LiquidWare</a&gt; makes it and the backorder is already in the weeks.

March 26, 2008


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We are scheduling the final show for Making Things Interactive.

Here are the times and dates in order of preference.
(a) Wednesday May 7, 4-6 PM

(b) Wednesday May 7, 5-7 PM

(c) Thursday May 8, 4-6 PM

(d) Thursday May 8, 5-7 PM

Please send Mark an email message no later than Thursday March 27 indicating which of these times and dates you CAN be present.

No response counts as “I can make it any of these times”.

Please note that your work must be installed and running at least one hour BEFORE the start of the show, so keep this in mind when indicating your time/date preferences.

More State Machine Examples

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There are two examples in the PDF:

  1. using the switch/case statement to implement a state machine.  It’s not crucial that you understand this, but if it makes sense to you, it’s cleaner than using repeated if/else statements.  There are explanations in the comments, but also read the arduino docs.
  2. changing PulseLed so that it can read a button while making the LED grow brighter and darker.  This involves havnig PulseLed return a “boolean” value of “true” or “false” and changing the statemachine to use this value to change state.  See the comments for full details.

state machine examples #2

March 24, 2008

more inspiration

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Courtesy of PingMag, <a href=””>How to Make Hybrid Toys</a>.

March 21, 2008

Good LED resource

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Just found this, pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about LEDs.

More Arduino-based Things to Look At

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Angela Yuan’s Etch-o-Sketch Clock

Leah’s Turn-Signal Jacket

CW Wang’s stabilize

Some video of an Arduino-controlled blimp

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