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February 28, 2008

2: Term Project Idea

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Project Idea (not project proposal)

Im interested in how technology can be used to create natural, ephemeral interior environments. I like the idea of using the arduino, simple electronics and coding to create spatial environments that evoke natural reactions and encourage the viewer to engage their senses on some sort of phenomenological level. My idea right now is to use a network of constantly fluctuating leds to create an interior “cloud” that would hang above some public space. The “cloud”

would be composed of a flexible web-like structure that loosely holds thousands of movable leds, and would be embedded with sensors that would react to the number of people/ movement of people in the space below. Like a cloud, the complex web of leds would be constantly shifting and creating new spatial environments, and inspiring viewers to project their own perceptions of what the cloud looks like onto structure. The idea is still pretty loose and vague, I will have to address how each led, or smaller systems of leds actually move and what kind of underlying structure will need to be fabricated.

Cloud Sketch


February 1, 2008

Sleeping in the Dark

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So my new ideas for the final project…  I want to make a product that’s going to help children learn to sleep in the dark.

Catching Fireflies 

So for this project, I imagine a led light (aka firefly) that you can put into a clear jar.  The firefly will light up, and slowly dim out.  This will give time for your pupils to adjust in the dark, and for children to fall asleep as it gets darker in the room.  If the child needs more light, more fireflies can be placed into the jar.  Eventually, I would think that the child would be too tired to get up to put another firefly in the jar for more light… and so they would end up sleeping in the dark.

 Reading in the Dark

This would be a bedtime story book that adults can read to children right before they fall asleep.  It would be a book that lights up (around a certain radius of your finger) as you scroll through the text.  The book only lights up in the dark, so it encourages children to want to turn the light off for their bedtime story.  Eventually the child will fall asleep in the dark after their story, and if not, they can play with the book using it as a night light.

January 30, 2008

idea 01: guitar… with lights!

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For my very preliminary final project idea, I was thinking about embedding LEDs and pressure sensors under each fret of each string.  The lights could indicate the proper fingering for a note or chord or maybe entire song tabs in memory.  The sensors would pick up the chord being played and save those in memory for review or analysis via computer.  I’m wondering if it would be possible to indicate the actual fingering (as in which finger) instead of just the fret?  And the lights would be color-coded by string.  The strings would also have LEDs & sensors to indicate/detect when played.  Maybe it could even indicate if it’s to be played as an up- or down-note or muted or by which finger (if no pick).
Jet pointed out that it would be helpful for instruments like fiddles where positions aren’t defined by frets, and in dealing with infinite scale it may be possible to use [finger] skin conductivity on a sensor surface that ran the length of each string to detect position.
I like this idea (and will probably use it if successful) except for the fact that it’s a guitar just with lights and sensors.  I’d really like to make something that’s either very entertaining or very interesting, maybe both.  What would really be fantastic is if I could make a hollow mechanical robot hand that I could wear like a glove that would interface with a guitar and position my hand appropriately.  But mimicking the human hand to that degree would be incredibly difficult, I think.
I’d still like to make something physical/mechanical.

ps. please forgive me for any incorrect guitar jargon or music terminology.  i just don’t know them.

January 29, 2008

project idea

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Color is made by wavelength and frequency, just like sound.  It is not audible because it’s frequency is beyond human’s audibility, for instance red is 480–430 THz and violet is 750–670 THz.   But what if we scope it down to the range  where people can hear it, 20Hz~20KHz? Can it be simply translating color to sound?  I know it won’t be easy as its sound because there are numbers of different element in sound which can not be changed to color, or vice versa.  As I researched, many people had similar ideas and tried to make it happen, but unfortunately not many of them seems to be suceeded.    I am thinking that what if we take some more common elements from color and sound, and try to find the way of transferring each other, such as tone or timbre.  If just translating color to audio doesn’t sound interesting enough, we can slightly put entertainment factor into this idea, like color to rhythm or musical instrument sound.   I guess we never know how it will be turned out unless we try it.

project idea

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I’m interested in organizational systems and my first idea is to design ‘intelligent pushpins.’ It would have some knowledge of the thing it was holding and would help organize thoughts/data on a wall. If you wanted to find a document on a busy wall, the pushpin holding it up would light up or something would move, drawing your attention to it. The pushpins would change (through light or actuation) in order to group similar things or find patterns in the data. By rearranging the pushpins, you would be rearranging data.

Other ideas would be a book that responds to your senses or a bookshelf or a faucet.

Term Project Idea: Interactive Self-Portraits

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My term project idea, as of now, is  to create something like a photobooth but with sensors to detect things like shirt color to set ambient lighting or induce effects that would then translate to much more creative and meaningful prints for the user to take with them. This isn’t a new interest of mine as I built a photobooth two years ago for a undergraduate research grant. Here’s an  Instructable I created to talk about the process of building it and how it worked. However, this booth was as simple as it got. The user just sat in, pressed a button, four pics would be taken, and (if it worked that day) it would print out the strip on 4″ x 6″ photo paper. Except for storage purposes, the booth didn’t take advantage of the digital media it collected. My term project for the course would hopefully take the idea of self photography and all the benefits/fun of photobooths and implement a smarter system that would not only enhance the experience but expand on the idea of photostrips as an artifact.

bedtime story or tic tac toe

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I was thinking that I would make a book that lights up as you scroll through the reading with your finger. So basically, the space around your finger would light up in the book. I don’t know how this is going to work throughout the whole book…. any ideas?

or maybe an interactive game of tic tac toe. maybe. where i can use two led lights for two different players. and you can touch the screen to make your move. and when you get a row, then that line blinks.

Term Project Ideas

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One idea I’ve been thinking about is actually how I pictured the “Wooden Mirror” in my head before seeing a video of it. I was thinking of a grid of small rectangular blocks that were each connected to sensors that detected distance and were in a similar grid formation. As objects come before the sensor grid, the blocks would move up and down to create a rough 3D representation of them. If this is even feasible, I have a feeling it’s probably to costly to actually do.

My other idea is to create a sculpture that is constantly changing according to actions of its spectators.

Assignment 2: Term Project Idea

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So for my term project I would like use sensors for something useful. I have two ideas that I have not decided between as yet. The first idea, is a shirt or even cap which is fitted with motion/photo sensors covering places where ones eye cannot see (behind the head etc.) with these sensors I aim to build a sort of “spidey sense”/”sixth sense” which could help in detecting objects at certain ranges etc.

The second idea is an alarm clock with sensors that can detect ones state, sleep, awake, falling asleep and adjust accordingly. This one seems a little more difficult on the tehnology end, so I wil have to do a little bit more research on this.

Term Project Idea

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I was thinking about what I would like to do for a term project, and I had a great idea, but I’m very skeptical as to whether or not it’s actually feasible with the time / resources that I have. If anyone has ever seen the movie Minority Report, they probably know the scene where Tom Cruise is standing in front of a transparent screen and moving things around and operating a computer with hand movements while wearing a glove. So I was thinking that I could do something similar to that but much simpler using tilt sensors and possibly the light sensor thing on the bottom of laser mice to control the cursor on my computer? I was also thinking of using exposed wires on the gloves that would represent a “click” from the mouse when touched together or something similar to that.

I’ve actually looked around on the web for resources, and it seems like someone from MIT is developing a similar project for the US military, but of course theirs includes using a webcam and is a lot more sophisticated. I thought mine would be a lot simpler, if this doesn’t work I feel like I can always move on to another good idea from this one.

Update: There has been a similar system designed to be used with Google Earth HERE

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