Making Things Interactive

January 28, 2008

Flow 5.0

Artist Dan Roosegaarde’s latest installation consists of a 10-meter corridor of ventilator fans controlled by sensors, which react to the sound and motion of visitors passing through them. Following is a statement from the Studio Roosegaarde:

Flow 5.0 is an interactive sculpture made out of hundreds of ventilators which are reacting to your sound and motion. By walking and interacting an illusive landscape of transparencies and artificial winds is created. Moving through Flow 5.0 the visitor becomes conscious of himself as a body, in a dynamic relation with space and technology.

Wish I can find more information on the circuitry and sensors that are working the fans. Other than that, it looks like pretty neat response installation.


Customize your Gadget

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American technology company Bug Labs has developed a system where consumers combine modular electronic devices to build their own ideal gadget (via Protein OS).
Called BUG, the system consists of a BUGbase with four connectors so that different elements can simply be snapped onto the sides. It was unveiled at the International CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Four modules will be available to start with: GPS, digital camera and videocam, touch-sensitive colour LCD screen, and accelerometer and motion sensor.
Pretty neat idea but its rather burky shape and platic shell makes the product less appealing.

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