Making Things Interactive

Class Resources for Making Things Interactive

The resources are lumped into two groups — local places you can drive/bus to and online places that take at least a few days to ship.

If you have any suggestions, please let Mark or I know, or better still, post them in the class blog.

Electronic and Mechanical Components – Local


  • Electronics123 – An hour’s drive west, but they claim that if they have it on the website, they have it in the store. You can order things online and ask them to hold them for you at the physical store for will call pickup or you can pay for UPS ground and it’ll arrive within a day or two.
  • AB Charles Hobby shop – local hobby store with a pretty extensive selection of model railroad and RC airplane/car stuff. Call ahead to make sure their RC or train expert is around and see if they can help you select the right servos/switches/etc.
  • Hammerschlag Hall Electronics Store
  • Radio Shack (various locations) – expensive but open until 9pm


  • Grainger – mostly large industrial components, can be expensive, but they have a lot of stuff available for pick up at will call the next morning.

Electronic and Mechanical Components – Mail Order


  • adafruit industries – diy/hacker store focused on embedded systems.
  • allelectronics – discount electronics of all sorts -cheap if they have it
  • DigiKey – massive electrical component distributor
  • electronic goldmine another interesting hacker source
  • hobbytron – online dealer of remote control (RC) stuff. No experience with them, but their catalog and line card is impressive.
  • lsdiodes – good deals on LEDS
  • Jameco – massive electrical component distributor
  • McMaster Carr – see details in Mechanical
  • Mouser – massive electrical component distributor
  • Newark – massive electrical component distributor
  • SuperbrightLeds – online store specializing in high-power LEDs
  • Sparkfun – online store specializing in Arduino, single-board-computers, sensors, etc. friendly folk.
  • Trossen Robotics – robotics oriented online store, carries a lot of actuators, gears, motors, and other things robot folk like along with sensors and components related to robotics.
  • Wright Hobbies – Lots of stuff for robotics: sensors, motors, electronics, kits, etc.


  • McMaster Carr – vast selection, prices are ok, ground shipping often turns out to be 1-2 weekdays due to a nearby shipping warehouse. However, no way to get a shipping estimate in advance of ordering.
  • Wright Hobbies – Lots of stuff for robotics: sensors, motors, electronics, kits, etc.

Useful Online Tools

  • Octopart — cross-vendor search engine for electronic components
  • uchobby — excellent blog/website with lots of tutorials on how to make different things or get the most out of the parts you’re playing with.

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  1. […] Class Resource Page – has long lists of local and mailorder places to buy things.   Remember to ask here and on the blog to coordinate group orders, you can pay for overnight and split the cost several ways. […]

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