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January 29, 2008

Assignment 3: Lady Ada Tutorials

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It took me a while to get the arduino program up and running… it seemed to be some problem with the current software so I used an older version (Arduino 0009).

Here’s my code for the blinking lights, it blinks three different LEDs in succession:

int redPin = 13;
int greenPin = 11;
int bluePin = 12;

void setup()
pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(redPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(redPin, LOW);
digitalWrite(bluePin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(bluePin, LOW);
digitalWrite(greenPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(greenPin, LOW);
digitalWrite(bluePin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(bluePin, LOW);


Here’s my solution for the kilobyte calculator:

int drive_gb = 100;
long drive_mb;
long real_mb;
long drive_kb;
long real_kb;

void setup()

Serial.print(“Your HD is “);
Serial.println(” GB large.”);

drive_mb = drive_gb;
drive_mb = drive_mb * 1024;
drive_kb = drive_mb * 1024;

real_mb = drive_gb;
real_mb = real_mb * 1000;
real_kb = real_mb * 1000;

Serial.print(“It can store “);
Serial.println(” Megabytes!”);

Serial.print(“Your HD should be able to hold “);
Serial.println(” Kilobytes.”);

Serial.print(“But it actually can only hold “);
Serial.println(” Kilobytes.”)

Serial.print(“This is a difference of “);
Serial.print(drive_kb – real_kb);
Serial.println(” Kilobytes”);

void loop()



January 28, 2008

Term Project Ideas: Interactive Indo Board

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When we looked in class at the “pouring light” and I was first introduced to using tilt sensors in interactive design, it opened up a lot of ideas. The one idea I have been liking the most, and the one that I think is more original than the others, is making an indo board interactive. For anyone who hasn’t seen one:

it is a wobble board. Although it’s most apparent application is to boardsports, it is very useful in core training that can be very valuable to all athletes.

My idea was to try and use a tilt sensor and have the design react to how much the user tilts the board to either side. The board could have LEDs attached that displayed a different color, or a different tone could be played through speakers, depending on how much the board is tilted. Hopefully soon I can determine if this is actually feasible for me to complete within this semester.

January 20, 2008

Assignment 1: Interactive Advertising

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This is a clip of an interactive storefront developed for Elle MacPherson Intimates during New York Fashion Week 2007. It was inspiring to see an interactive design geared toward advertisement and consumers. I hadn’t really thought of a possible application like this yet even though it seems pretty obvious now. The technology, called “Human Locator”, was developed by Freeset and has been employed by many companies for the sole purpose of advertising. The basic concept of having a design sense objects in front of it seems has been used in a lot of the things posted on here and presented in class, and seems like it would be pretty applicable to a term project.

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