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May 1, 2008

“How I’d teach this class”

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I really thought the overall structure and how things were taught in this class were good, but I thought that there could be some overall improvements. I thought how the class started out was good, citing interactive examples, but I would suggest to take this further, maybe having more assignments or further investigations lasting throughout the semester to really get a grasp on interactivity. I feel that more overall discussions on what is interactive and what isn’t could possibly lead to richer final projects in the end.

All of the coding and circuit days within the class were really helpful. Sometimes the pace was a little fast for a new comer like me, but overall, I was able to pick up on most of it. I feel that hands on, in class workshops would have been helpful. Personally, I learn mostly from doing, not being lectured or reading, so I feel that, during the coding and circuits lectures, it could have been helpful for the students to be following along with Jet. I feel that physically putting together and coding simple programs would have been very helpful. This would help combat the tendency to understand things at the time of the lecture and conveniently forget what to do when its 2 am the night before an assignment is due.

I also feel that maybe having a series of optional assignments could be beneficial. Although I agree with having to do multiple assignments throughout the year, maybe doing ones that interest you would have a better effect. I think this could help a student become more proficient in one area, say LED’s or dc motors, than becoming average in an all around sense (which also has its benefits). A possible solution for this could be to have students meet a requirement for projects. For instance, you could prescribe out a set of 7 projects and students may only have to do 5 of them through the course of the semester and present them on a due date that you prescribe.

Overall, I felt that the course was taught well; I just feel that there were certain things that would have helped me. And if it could have helped me, I’m sure it could’ve helped other people as well. So in short, these would be my suggestions to make the course better. I would basically keep the scope and teaching of the course the same and add in these few suggestions.


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