Making Things Interactive

May 1, 2008

How I think this might be useful in my future work?

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As a product designer/mechanical engineer, this class is extremely useful.   I am no longer limited in my designs to just mechanical.  Now I am capable of integrating electrical components in my designs where I see appropriate.  Before this class, anything with electronic component especially one with a microprocessor made it seem like a difficult project that I could not do.  I’ve learned that it just made things look a lot more complicated than it actually is.  Now when I see a product with electronics, I have a basis to judge how simple or complicated it was to build.  I also did not realize how small some of the sensors really are and learned the many different types of sensors out there, which was very interesting and helpful.  Now when I design a product, I know the types of sensors out there and can make recommendations on which ones to use.  Before, I would just say I want a sensor that does this and this….is there one?  In other words, Making Things Interactive taught me the foundation of electronics in which now I have the capability to build upon when I need to.  This showed me how I can integrate electronics into products to increase interactivity.  And since embedded technology is the future, it is most likely as a product designer that it would give me an edge over others who do not have this knowledge.  Also, when I work with electrical engineers I will understand their lingo and their problems. 


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