Making Things Interactive

May 1, 2008

Class Review

Filed under: Final Writing Assignment,Joshua Smith — jssmith44 @ 12:48 pm

 This is hands down one of my top two favorite course taken in college (the other, another course taught by Mark).  I dream of working in an industry where I can apply the skills I have gained in this course, and I look forward to applying interactive techniques in every project I do going forward.

That said, I have a few suggestions for how I might tweak the course for upcoming semesters. First off, I would consider assigning more specific projects at the beginning of the semester, and then working up to more open ended at projects at the end. I believe sometimes students get lost in the creative aspect of the early projects, and don’t necessarily grasp the specific technical processes that are supposed to be emphasized each week. This ensures that by the time the creative projects come around, all skills are in place.

Additionally, I would spend a number of classes demonstrating how to implement some advanced tasks, without going into to much detail on how and why they work. Such advanced topics include wireless communication, serial communication, graphically displaying data, camera recognition, etc. The reason for this is that these skills all have the power to greatly increase the scope of a students project, yet are not all that difficult to implement in different ways, once a student is shown how. 

Beyond that, I think the structure of the course is extremely conducive to the students’ success and I believe this will be demonstrated at our final show. Thank you Mark and Jet for a great semester!


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