Making Things Interactive

April 29, 2008

Course Feedback Assignment

Filed under: Assignments,Final Writing Assignment,Lingshui Wang — lingshui @ 5:07 pm

Personally I feel as if the class was very well taught and I learned a lot. Having come into this experience with no prior experience and ending the class being able to build and understand projects of the magnitude that we did was very exciting. I never could’ve guessed that I would have achieved this with just a semester.

Some things to make better…well I feel as if we never really go around to the “after class helpsessions” on Thursday. I mean, yes some people did stay after class for a few minutes sometimes to get some help, but we really never had an official worksession at which we were given the opportunity to explain our projects and receive help on a one on one basis. That might be partly our fault because we never really pushed hard for the helpsession and not many of us ever really brought in our projects that we needed help on. I did enjoy having the option of visiting Mark in the CoDe lab though, that was definitely helpful working in that environment. I feel maybe if official helpsessions are incorporated, they should be held there instead of in that classroom because of the various resources available in the CoDe lab.

This is definitely helpful in my future work, already I’ve incorporated things I’ve learned in MTI to my final presentation for my final project this semester. Aside from making models, I have achieved a better understanding of how to make spaces more interactive and therefore (in my opinion) a lot more dynamic and experiential.


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