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April 10, 2008

URBI Studio

Filed under: 1: Post Something Interesting,Gaku Sato — ponkotsu @ 1:51 pm

This is fantastic.  It’s hard to explain.  It’s basically a prototyping framework.  Check it out.

– You can graphically create a state diagram and it’ll convert the logic to code automatically.  Each state/node has code in it to execute and you can obviously set the conditions for state change and such.  All this is dynamic (realtime & pause/resumable) and you can set nodes within nodes.  This executes in exactly the same way it would had you coded all this manually, as I’ve been having to do.
– You can sequence motion graphically as well as record motion for repeat.  Again, code is automatic.  So if you want the camera to pan left<—>right at various speeds, it would be insanely simple.
– You can create a control panel with specified widgets to control things.  This is also dynamic.  You can use a slider gui to manually control a servo or something.
– It also has its own parallel-execution language but it can interface with other programs as in it can be used in conjunction with some other coding structure.

It’s really hard to explain in words.  I met with a guy from URBI that demoed (sp?) it for us using an Aibo and it really made everything from control/actuation to debugging to editing incredibly simple, visible, and IMMEDIATE.

Other logic/control gui programs may already be out there that I totally don’t know about, but this one looked excellent.  If no one else, I really recommend Mark and Jet check it out!


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