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March 27, 2008

light-aiming turret [related work]

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Light-Tracking Wheel
The basic control scheme for this device is the same as that intended for the turret control.  It rotates the wheel in the direction of the photosensor with the higher reading.  The movement is unfortunately very twitchy, and aside from the obvious reasons, it may be due to the large light source.

Sunlight-Tracking System
This system tracks sunlight in a similar fashion (by analyzing the difference between two separately located sensors).  It addresses the issue of having an incredibly large light source (the sun) is by filtering the light through a “microhole”.

Fuzzy Logic Light Tracker
This is a device that accurately aims at light albeit in a narrow range with an ingenious light-blocking vane between the input sensors to exaggerate the light difference.

Optical Guidance System
still decyphering…

Laserpointer-Tracking Program
still decyphering…

Airsoft RC Tank
320° turret (20° height) mounted on RC airsoft tank with 25m firing range and accurate 1/24-scale design!!

USB Missile Launcher
This is a stationary 180° turret (45° height) controlled by a computer via USB.


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