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March 25, 2008

assignment 9: Final Project Proposal of Fireflies in a Jar

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Fireflies in a Jar is a teaching tool for children who can’t sleep in the dark. There’s going to be three differently programmed fireflies and a jar where the child can place them in. Before going to bed, the child can place as many fireflies into the jar and close the lid to activate the light. You can adjust the luminosity of the jar by putting more or less fireflies in. The light from each firefly will eventually fade out and turn off within a certain time span. The child at this point will either be too tired to put in more fireflies, and end up sleeping in the dark, or still be awake. Then they have the option of putting more fireflies in to reactive the light or sleeping in the dark.

The program of the fireflies. The three fireflies will have different programs that will mimic the light of a firefly. The LED will start with a high intensity light and gradually fade out and turn off. This is going to give the pupil time to adjust in the dark to see better. Each light will also be programmed to have different time span it to be on, keeping the fireflies spontaneous and fun for the child.

How will it work? Each firefly will have an LED attached to it. The fireflies will sit on its own on/off switch. Removing the firefly from the switch will let us know which firefly is being put into the jar and need to be on once the jar is closed. The jar will also have on/off switch, attached to the lid, that will tell us when the jar is closed. Once a firefly is placed into the jar, and the jar is closed, the program for that firefly will run as long as the jar is closed. If the jar opens and closes, with the same firefly in the jar, the program of that firefly will restart. This works with all the fireflies.

All the switches used in this design will have a digital read, and the LEDs will have a analog output according to its corresponding switch. The switches will have a HIGH and LOW digital read. The brightness of the LEDs will be controlled using the “for” program code in the Loop Setup, and the “if” program code will be used to activate each firefly.

My final proposal of the Fireflies in a Jar project is a continuation from the midterm proposal. There are two aspects of the project that I would like to improve for a more finalized and presentable product.

The Program:
1. Change the code for the LED fireflies so that they mimic fireflies.
2. Have more than one loop program run at the same time. (The current mockup of the Fireflies in a Jar has three different loop programs for each LED firefly, and the each firefly light up one after the other. The first LED firefly program runs, then the next, then the last.)
3. Put in a code for interruption, so that when the jar opens when the program for an LED firefly is running, the LED firefly stops blinking, and only resumes when the jar is closed.

1. Use real jar
2. Clean up wiring
3. Make LED look like fireflies

Parts list: arduino, 3 yellow LED, wire, wiring tape, jar, plastic toy bugs, glue, 4switch 



Wiring Diagram:

State Machine:




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  1. To make this project proposal complete, add (at least) the following:

    project description from mid-term
    physical design (drawings,sketches) for the bottle and switch configuration
    wiring diagram
    state machine, flow-chart, or pseudo-code to indicate how the program works.

    Comment by mdgross — March 25, 2008 @ 8:00 am | Reply

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