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March 24, 2008

Final Project Proposal: Interactive Plants

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I wanted to experiment with some sort of interactive household item, and I felt something that resembled plant life could be the most fun to work with. I want to create something that interacts with the lighting around it and produces a reaction that is attractive to users/viewers.

My original idea was to have plant petals/leaves closed up when there was no light, and when a light was turned on it would blossom and LEDs inside would light up and possibly pulse. This blossoming action could be done with separate servo motors, and the code would need to calibrate the photosensor before any action could be taken.

I was also thinking of having the servo motors protrude plants when the light is turned on to emulate plants growing. This concept I like more because I think it could be very feasible to set up and really make resemble plant growth. LEDs could also be a part of the plant growth.


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  1. Time to get definite. This is a blurb on the project, but not a proposal. A proposal at this point would include a physical design (sketches / drawings / bill of materials); electronics design (wiring and component list); flow chart or state machine to show the behaviors of the system (or pseudo-code), and a clear text that indicates what the project will do, or how it will behave.

    Comment by mdgross — March 25, 2008 @ 8:08 am | Reply

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