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March 6, 2008


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I made a “whisker” sensor out of a guitar string, a photoresistor, and some scrap copper. It has two ways of registering a “high” reading (which causes the sequenced motion to speed up), either by touching the spring wire to the edge of its hole, or by seeing light.

The solenoids turned out to be poor at producing motion; the force holding the center rod in position is fairly strong once tripped, but it has a hard time overcoming the force of the spring. Possibly it could be mounted to bias the forces toward tripping the solenoid. In the meantime, I set up a simple LED version of the circuit, to see if I could get the code working.

The LED charlieplexed circuit is the same as the one from the Instructables tutorial (here), and the sensors are in the simple circuit from the class notes (here).

 * CharlieBlink
 * Cycling through six LEDs set up according to the diagram
 * at

int pinA = 9;                // 
int pinB = 10;               //
int pinC = 11;               //
int buttonPin = 2;
int photoPin = 3;
int delayTime = 500;

void setup()                   // setup
   pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT);  // no need to set pinmode for light pins, since we do that later

void loop()                    // loop

     lightNode(pinA, pinB, pinC);      //LED1, from
     lightNode(pinB, pinA, pinC);      //LED2
     lightNode(pinB, pinC, pinA);      //LED3
     lightNode(pinC, pinB, pinA);      //LED4
     lightNode(pinA, pinC, pinB);       //LED5
     lightNode(pinC, pinA, pinB);      //LED6

void lightNode(int upPin, int downPin, int nullPin)
    pinMode(upPin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(downPin, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(nullPin, INPUT);
    digitalWrite(upPin, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(downPin, LOW);
    if (digitalRead(buttonPin) == HIGH) {delayTime = 100;}
    if (digitalRead(buttonPin) == LOW) {delayTime = 500;}

I need a better way to switch sequence directions. I had thought that putting each LED’s settings for up pin, down pin, and null pin into an array would be helpful, since I could then find a way of incrementing or decrementing between arrays, instead of listing the sequence. However, it seems that reading out values from the array is more trouble than the current method if I don’t have the benefit of easily switching from array to array.


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