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February 28, 2008

Mid Term Project Proposal: VEXFAB (Ventilated Exterior Fabric)

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Written Description

I want to design and build a jacket which based on the body temperature can adjust the amount of ventilation provided by the jacket, creating a more comfortable experience for the user when walking through areas with large temperature variances.

Inputs: Temperature between jacket and body (different locations)

Outputs: Moving vents/slits in clothing

Implementation: I aim to do this with a mixture of temperature sensors connected in a feedback loop along with muscle wire to provide actuation of the vents.

Parts List:

Nitinol Muscle Wire

Arduino Microcontroller

External Power source (for the wires)

External Power Source (for the Arduino Chip)

Regular highly conductive wire

Crimp fasteners to attach wire to wire

Variable Intensity LEDs (for testing)

Mesh Fabric

Jacket to cut up X1

Switch X1

Temperature sensors (thermistors) X4

Switching Transistors X4


Code Sketch

Check Inputs of various thermistors

Translate input voltages into temperatures for reference

Based on PRESET temperature, check if temperature is greater than or less than input temperature

If temp is less than preset, close vent

If temp is greater than preset, open vent

Return to step one and repeat

References of similar projects

In this website I found a couple of shape memory garments , they seem to do a lot of work with wearable electronics. Here are some examples of work by them.


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