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February 27, 2008

Midterm Project Proposal

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I wanted to stick with my original idea of the interactive Indo Board, and think that I could make a functioning product soon using a gravity switch to read the state of the board. The gravity switch would be the input, reading on/off, and multiple LEDs would act as the outputs.

A lot of the point when working out or training with the Indo Board is to try and keep it level for prolonged periods of time. The board is always tipped when it is not being used or the user is getting on, so the gravity switch would start out reading as “on.” When the switch is off, and the board is level, the multiple LEDs will light up sequentially by how long the board is level. This is achieved by a counter in the program, most likely with a while loop. The status of the switch would be checked before the counter was incremented, and each light would be light or made brighter based on the value of the counter. If the arduino runs this while hooked up with the computer, the program could print out to the user a reading of the longest time the board remained level.

The schematic and state diagram are based on the assumption that I would be using something like 4 LEDs. The output for the LEDs would be analog to create a smooth transition as the lights become brighter and brighter.


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