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February 27, 2008

Midterm Project: Mood Cube

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For my midterm project, I want to create a small interactive mood light. The light is a small, discrete object that can be used to subtly light a space. However, depending on the mood you are trying to set, the light can change from off to white, red, orange, or blue, depending on how you place it. The light will be contained in a frosted plexi-glass cube, so it can be placed on multiple sides, each side providing a different lighting condition. The project will work through the use of a 3 axis accelerometer. By using analog output, the accelerometer will have set readings which will set off different colored lights as you position it in different ways.


This idea was inspired by a student in last semester’s Making Furniture Interactive course where the student made a light that just turned on and off through the use of a tilt sensor. I really liked this idea, and for the midterm project, I wanted to take it further.

Basically, the accelerometer will be able to tell what orientation the cube is, and be like “hey, I’m oriented this way, I’ll light up the blue LED’s.” or the arduino might say, “the cube is oriented in this other way, so I’ll light up the orange LED’s.” this will happen for all 4 colors as well as well as the off position.


Parts List:


4 Ultra Bright White LED’s

4 Ultra Bright Blue LED’s

4 Red LED’s

4 Orange LED’s

TIP 3055 Transistor x2

TIP 120 Transistor x2

100 Kohm Resistors

3-Axis Accelerometer

Mood Cube Schematic

Mood Cube Representation


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