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February 26, 2008

Finally got the H-Bridge Working!

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I have been messing around with a H-bridge to control my linear actuator. The H-bridge switches the negative and positive flows of electricity to be able to change the direction of the actuator. For example, the H-bridge allows me to spin a DC motor in forward and reverse or make the actuator move in or out. Cool stuff.

My initial problem was one of 2 things: 1) There was not a common ground between the arduino and external power source 2) I did not have the correct size capacitor. After I did both of these it worked! Unfortunately, after much excitement, I fried my H-bridge. I accidently let go of the ‘switch wire’ I was using to control it and it contacted the H-Bridge and a lot of smoking and nasty smell ensued. I need to get a new H-bridge ASAP. (the joys of working with 24V DC power!)

I used the ITP tutorial to get this to work:

(The schematic and code that I used can be found on in this tutorial)

I also used an old architectural Roboctic handout from Mark:

H-Bride Controller H-Bridge Schematic


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