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February 25, 2008

Mid Term Project Proposal

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Due Tuesday (oral) & Thursday (blogged) February 26, 28, 2008.Your project proposal should describe in detail the project that you will demonstrate in class on Thursday March 6, 2008.

• The proposal should include a WRITTEN part, in which you outline the overall idea of your project, describe WHAT it will do, and HOW it will work. These written descriptions should give a clear picture of the project: for example, “my project will read people’s minds and pick the flavor of ice cream they want” is okay as a one-sentence description, but not as a detailed written description.

• The proposal should include a DRAWING (or drawings) of the physical part of the project, that indicates how you will construct it (include material notes, dimensions, construction method ))

• the proposal should include a complete SCHEMATIC CIRCUIT DIAGRAM that illustrates the electronics of the project.

• the proposal should include a short (1 or 2 para) “Code Sketch” that describes, in words, what the code you will write will do.

• the proposal should include a REFERENCES section that lists any projects that you have found that are similar, or from which you can learn. You may include URLs or papers that you’ve found. Be sure and provide a complete reference so that others can find it too.

• the proposal should a PARTS list that identifies the specific parts and components that you will use, including your source.


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