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February 24, 2008

Assignment 6: Making more motion (actuation)

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So i tried to build on my DC motors from last week. I simplified the sensors to a switch to focus on building other components. I aimed to slow down the DC motor by using a rubber band setup. This was not as seccesfull, but i learned how hard it was to prototype details with foam core. the code is a simple algorithm which takes a switch input, and drives a motor

 here are some photos & the code:

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int ledPin = 13;    // defines the check pin
int inputPin = 2;   // defines input for sensor A
int motorPin = 9;   // defines output for motor A

void setup() {

  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);      // declare check LED Pin
  pinMode(motorPin,OUTPUT);     // declare Motor PinA
  pinMode(inputPin, INPUT);     // declare SensorA input Pin


void loop(){

  while (digitalRead(inputPin) == HIGH) {        // check if the input is on
    digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);   // turn check LED On
    digitalWrite(motorPin,HIGH);  // turn Motor A On

    digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);  // turn check LED Off
    digitalWrite(motorPin,LOW); // turn Motor A Off




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