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February 12, 2008

reminder on posting source code – update

Please remember that wordpress is very picky when it comes to the tag. It seems that Windows is being “helpful” by giving you left and right single quotes like this: `’ using the grave accent and the apostrophe. This will break the sourcecode tag, and your code will not be formatted properly.

What you need to do is make sure that both quote marks are the apostrophe character: ‘ . The easiest way to do this is find the single quote before “cpp”, delete it, and manually type in the apostrophe character.

It’s the difference between these two lines:

Edit: It would seem that my browser is also being “helpful”. When I view this page, a single apostrophe — ‘ — is rendered differently than how two apostrophes around text — ‘foo’ — are rendered. The lesson being, don’t cut-n-paste the tag, type it in directly.

Edit: Also, remember that spaces aren’t allowed around the “=” sign.


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