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February 6, 2008

5: Making Motion

Filed under: 5: Making Motion,Assignments — mdgross @ 8:30 am

Due Tuesday February 12 2008: Using two (or more)actuators (servomotor, DC motor, solenoid), and an external (off-board) power supply switched by a TIP-120 transistor, make something happen in the physical world, under Arduino control. You may also use sensor input (photosensors, switches, etc.) but this is not required. Off board power is required – you can either use your arduino power supply if you have one, any DC power supply (“wall wart”) adapter, or batteries. (You may need a battery holder if you are going with batteries).

Servos at Tower Hobbies: (a variety of options are available, check “tech notes” to compare details). Here’s a relatively inexpensive one: TS-53 Servo: (see quantity discounts too)

Gear motors at Solarbotics: again, a variety of options are available, see for example this one.

Solenoids at allelectronics: Here are a couple (12 volts):


“magnet assist”

Update: There are also a couple of hobby shops in town that carry parts for remote control (RC) vehicles — these make extensive use of servo motors.  If you’re not sure exactly what you want or need  and can find the right bus or hitch a ride, it might be worth talking to someone at the RC counter.  Give them a call first and explain that you’re trying to figure out how to use RC servos in a school project so they can steer you to the right person.


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