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February 1, 2008

Sleeping in the Dark

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So my new ideas for the final project…  I want to make a product that’s going to help children learn to sleep in the dark.

Catching Fireflies 

So for this project, I imagine a led light (aka firefly) that you can put into a clear jar.  The firefly will light up, and slowly dim out.  This will give time for your pupils to adjust in the dark, and for children to fall asleep as it gets darker in the room.  If the child needs more light, more fireflies can be placed into the jar.  Eventually, I would think that the child would be too tired to get up to put another firefly in the jar for more light… and so they would end up sleeping in the dark.

 Reading in the Dark

This would be a bedtime story book that adults can read to children right before they fall asleep.  It would be a book that lights up (around a certain radius of your finger) as you scroll through the text.  The book only lights up in the dark, so it encourages children to want to turn the light off for their bedtime story.  Eventually the child will fall asleep in the dark after their story, and if not, they can play with the book using it as a night light.


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  1. After you described this, it occurred to me that the “BlinkM” product (a 3-color LED and a microcontroller in a package, with communication, might be one way to accomplish this.

    Comment by mdgross — February 2, 2008 @ 1:18 pm | Reply

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