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January 29, 2008

Term Project Ideas

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One idea I’ve been thinking about is actually how I pictured the “Wooden Mirror” in my head before seeing a video of it. I was thinking of a grid of small rectangular blocks that were each connected to sensors that detected distance and were in a similar grid formation. As objects come before the sensor grid, the blocks would move up and down to create a rough 3D representation of them. If this is even feasible, I have a feeling it’s probably to costly to actually do.

My other idea is to create a sculpture that is constantly changing according to actions of its spectators.


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  1. This doesn’t sound outrageously difficult or costly – but there are some strategic decisions. You’d row-column scan the sensors and block actuators. The costly part would be the actuators (motors?). The simple but not-so-cheap assumption is one servomotor per block – at ~$10/motor it gets pricey fast (but pretty cool project). A way around this is to use a mechanical system to let a single motor drive more than one block – the Furby, for example, used just one motor to drive all the different motions of the toy. You trade off mechanical complexity for cost. Another way is to use pneumatics to move the blocks, so you figure out how to make a cheap pressure valve, and then control the block motion by opening or closing valves.

    Comment by mdgross — January 29, 2008 @ 7:34 am | Reply

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