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January 29, 2008

Term Project Idea

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So for my term project, i have had 2 ideas cultivating in my head over the past few days.

The first idea is to make an LED coffee table that not only responds to touch and light, but also to temperature. So if a cold drink is put on the surface, blue lights would light up. If something hot was put on it, the red lights would also be put up.

For my second idea, and the perhaps i have no idea how i would do this at this point but i like it idea, is to make a wall that interacts with the spatial conditions around the people who are around the wall by using lights and smoke.


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  1. measuring temperature’s not difficult – a couple of thoughts: Simple way is a thermistor – basically a variable resistor whose value varies with the temperature. That’s how digital thermometers work. The good part is it’s easy to build, so if you can put the thermistor where you want to measure temp, you win. Another way might be to measure the temp with an infrared sensor – since heat is basically infrared radiation, hot things should show up. That way you don’t have to be in contact with the thing you want to measure. (they make a nifty little device that reads temp of a surface at a distance – basically a thermometer gun – used in fire depts to tell how hot a wall or door is w/o actually going up to it and touching it).

    Light and smoke (or steam or vapor) is a cool idea – it’s not so easy to do well – perhaps could use theatrical smoke (but not so pleasant) – we used CO2 (dry ice and water) and a laser pointer mounted on a servo to sweep out visual surfaces in it.

    Comment by mdgross — January 29, 2008 @ 7:54 am | Reply

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