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January 29, 2008

Term Project Idea

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I was thinking about what I would like to do for a term project, and I had a great idea, but I’m very skeptical as to whether or not it’s actually feasible with the time / resources that I have. If anyone has ever seen the movie Minority Report, they probably know the scene where Tom Cruise is standing in front of a transparent screen and moving things around and operating a computer with hand movements while wearing a glove. So I was thinking that I could do something similar to that but much simpler using tilt sensors and possibly the light sensor thing on the bottom of laser mice to control the cursor on my computer? I was also thinking of using exposed wires on the gloves that would represent a “click” from the mouse when touched together or something similar to that.

I’ve actually looked around on the web for resources, and it seems like someone from MIT is developing a similar project for the US military, but of course theirs includes using a webcam and is a lot more sophisticated. I thought mine would be a lot simpler, if this doesn’t work I feel like I can always move on to another good idea from this one.

Update: There has been a similar system designed to be used with Google Earth HERE


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  1. Definitely doable, various approaches. If you’re content to just get the overall gestures (hand and arm motion) you can use either accelerometers (e.g., mounted on a wrist band) or the cam approach (visible tag or LED that a camera reads and interprets). (you can probably get depth info by looking at the size of the spot or attenuation of the light). If you want to get the hand gesture, that’s a little harder – flex/bend sensors or switches in a glove is one way; again, the camera is another. (We built a camera based glove gesture system using a black wool glove: video at ).

    The ITP google earth video is a good example of an application for this sort of thing – it might be worth thinking of other compelling apps.

    Comment by mdgross — January 29, 2008 @ 7:49 am | Reply

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