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January 29, 2008

project idea

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Color is made by wavelength and frequency, just like sound.  It is not audible because it’s frequency is beyond human’s audibility, for instance red is 480–430 THz and violet is 750–670 THz.   But what if we scope it down to the range  where people can hear it, 20Hz~20KHz? Can it be simply translating color to sound?  I know it won’t be easy as its sound because there are numbers of different element in sound which can not be changed to color, or vice versa.  As I researched, many people had similar ideas and tried to make it happen, but unfortunately not many of them seems to be suceeded.    I am thinking that what if we take some more common elements from color and sound, and try to find the way of transferring each other, such as tone or timbre.  If just translating color to audio doesn’t sound interesting enough, we can slightly put entertainment factor into this idea, like color to rhythm or musical instrument sound.   I guess we never know how it will be turned out unless we try it.


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  1. Interesting idea – the physics is a little wrong though. Light (heat, radio, x-ray) is electromagnetic radiation (waves) and sound is pressure waves through air. That’s why you can send light through a vacuum but not sound. So, your statement that “it is not audible because its frequency is beyond human’s …” isn’t quite right.

    but never mind that, the idea is interesting and fun – making sound from light – a color organ. A lot has been done on translating sound to light (’70s light shows and so on); not sure how much has been done the other direction. How would you “input” the color?

    Comment by mdgross — January 30, 2008 @ 10:17 am | Reply

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