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January 29, 2008

Assignment 2: Term Project Idea

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So for my term project I would like use sensors for something useful. I have two ideas that I have not decided between as yet. The first idea, is a shirt or even cap which is fitted with motion/photo sensors covering places where ones eye cannot see (behind the head etc.) with these sensors I aim to build a sort of “spidey sense”/”sixth sense” which could help in detecting objects at certain ranges etc.

The second idea is an alarm clock with sensors that can detect ones state, sleep, awake, falling asleep and adjust accordingly. This one seems a little more difficult on the tehnology end, so I wil have to do a little bit more research on this.


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  1. The sensing shirt/cap etc. is clearly doable. A student here (Ron Conescu) built a prototype using rangefinding sensors mounted on a baseball cap and little cell-phone vibrator motors in a grid on a vest. It worked, sort of. The question was, how much resolution can you get out of this, and can you learn to “see” (that is, interpret this info spatially). I’ve seen a number of projects built since then. Google “blind shirt sensor” and you’ll see a few of them.

    The alarm clock thing is interesting in another dimension – how to sense what’s going on (in the bed). It might actually NOT be technologically difficult – simply using a microphone might do it – how often there’s sound might be a pretty good indicator of what the person is doing (sleep, wake, etc.) You’d probably have to build something to test this though, and gather real data from some sleeping people.

    Comment by mdgross — January 29, 2008 @ 7:41 am | Reply

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