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January 28, 2008

Term Project: Automatic Recycler

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We’ve seen a project that sorts colored marbles in class and I found this barrel sorter as well, with snappy music:

My proposal follows in the vein of my Find Something Interesting assignment.  I hope to create something interesting out of something mundane: recycling. I’d like to do something similar to these sorting machines in terms of recycling. There is a patent for something similar that sorts recyclables on an industrial scale. I’d like to create something that could replace the ugly gray and blue dumpster-like things scattered in various school buildings on campus. While I realize the programming itself is a momentous task, I’d like to focus on the design on the thing: making it aesthetically interesting (you’ll never want to throw a bottle in a garbage can again). One idea I had was for the machine to display the type of thing a person deposited in the bin (paper, plastic, glass, metal). I believe this project will prove challenging in each dimension of this course.  Energy conservation, recycling and sustainability are all important causes for me, and I hope with this project to make them more fun and desirable for everyone.


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  1. Could be fun, interesting, and challenging to build a sorter of some sort. I’ve wanted for years to build a paper recycler that takes paper trash, shreds it and recycles it into paper again (a shredder + a paper making machine) – not quite what you have in mind. Also, vaguely relevant was our “junk mail to spam machine”, which takes physical junk mail, photographs it, emails you the photo, and shreds the mail.

    Comment by mdgross — January 29, 2008 @ 9:06 am | Reply

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