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January 28, 2008

A Few Project Ideas

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1) Interactive Chess Table

This is probably the most ambitious of my three ideas and I bet it would be mighty hard to figure out. I just bought a nice onyx chess board in Istanbul and it is translucent. I would like to have the board interface with a computer based chess program to act as the brain of your ‘fake opponent’. (you would never need a chess partner again!). I think there would need to be sensors telling when you moved a piece and then it tells the computer what move you made. Then the computer could think and light up the piece it wants to move and where you should move it for ‘him’.

2) Morse Code Game

I am interested in seeing if I could create a game that has the user enter messages into the computer using morse code and if the program could then make a printout of what the person wrote in English.

3) An Interactive Wall System

This would be in conjunction with my thesis studio project. I would like to look at compact houses that are able to change and adapt to their users. For example, the house knows when the user is sleeping, so it physically shrinks to cut down on the conditioned space. That would probably be too large scale to do, but interactive walls that moved and changed to suit your needs would also be interesting (a bed transforms into a table, then into a desk, then into a shelf. Another idea is a louver system that is able to regulate daylight into a space. You could set your house for how bright you want it and photo sensor could be used to adjust the tilt of the louvres to let more or less light in.


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  1. I would definitely go for the interactive wall system. Chess tables, even those that physically move the pieces, have been on the market for a couple of decades – it would be a lot of work and you’d end up replicating something that has already been done quite successfully commercially. It *would* be cool to have this on an exquisite onyx board, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort it would take. The morse code game is easy but it doesn’t interest me at all – the interactivity is basically a switch and the rest is a very simple code.

    That leaves the wall. The mechanical challenges are formidable, but certainly can be met – and there’s a lot of design to be done, to make it good and functional. The louver light system would be relatively easy – you could build that as a one week project – we’ve done that before as a one-week intro. photosensor and servomotor, with some blinds.

    Comment by mdgross — January 29, 2008 @ 8:03 am | Reply

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