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January 19, 2008

Assignment 1: One uninspiring & One Inspiring

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Below is an example of what i think an interactive object should NOT be. Yes it looks very cool, and could be fun for a while but what does it really achieve. Does it change the interactions of the people around the table? maybe for 5 minutes, but after the oohhs and aaahs there isnt really much substance behind it.

On the other hand, this second example is much simpler, but i find it fascinating how it can alter social situations with so little. The Belkin RockStar, allows up to 5 users to listen to the same song on an mp3 player. On top of that one can add multiple inputs and select between them.

belkin rockstar

This is an example of what my goal is for this class. To create something that alters or augments social interactions between either the user and the product or between multiple users as a result of the product. In my mind this is what true interaction is. Not lights on a table.


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  1. The Belkin Rockstar seems interesting, because it tethers people together and forces them to interact while listening to the music (otherwise they’d just be standing around and staring at each other awkwardly). However, I feel like the responsive LED table shown is pretty interesting, even though you’re right that it’s mostly just “oohs and ahhs”, I forsee it becoming very useful in the future (or even now?) when simultaneous multitasking on computer consoles would become necessary. It reminds me of the hologram display that was shown in the movie “Minority Report” and also of the iPhone and Microsoft’s “Microsoft Surface” system. I feel like it’d be pretty cool to be able to work a computer display using my hands and fingers instead of a mouse or a stylus.

    Here’s a link to Microsoft’s surface system if anyone wants to see what I’m talking about:

    Comment by lingshui — January 20, 2008 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

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