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January 18, 2008

Interactive Kitchen

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Interactive Kitchen at MIT’s Media Lab   Since the assignment is to find an inspiring example I thought to post what inspired me.  This is the kitchen I walked by (about 5 years ago) in the MIT Media Lab and thought it was cool.  I find myself wondering to my kitchen aimlessly about 100 times a day that it has become so routine to me. What I like about this interactive kitchen is that it re-thinks how people interact with the traditional kitchen.  Instead of testing the faucet to see if the water is cold or hot, the color (blue/red) of the spout tip eliminates that step and lets the user know visually how hot/cold the water coming out is.  Another thing I constantly do that is not very friendly to the environment is open and close the fridge just to see what’s there.  This interactive kitchen projects on the door an image of what is inside.  Here is website that has more images and where I also took the main image from.  While looking for this I also found this dishmaker which has nothing to do with this assignment but I thought it was cool.  When I first saw this kitchen, I wish I had done it but at that time (a sophmore) I did not think it was possible.  For my project I was thinking of making a water fountain that adjusts for height.  This way it eliminates the need (and the stigma) for two water fountains side-by-side one of which is for handicapped people.  And perhaps it can even go so low as for a pet to drink from.  While looking at this kitchen again for this assignment, I found that it had an adjustable sink (the video is a bit repetitive).  Perhaps I can learn from their idea.


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